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How do people see your business profile online?

Have you ever Googled your own name and seen what images come up? This is your online presence in its simplest form. Essential to know how visible you are with your company or as an applicant for example.

LinkedIn routinely scores high in these types of searches, not surprising since this international networking site attracts huge numbers of participants and visitors. Moreover, most people or starting entrepreneurs do not have a website or a well-functioning one, which often makes this the only source.  In 2017, over 4.2 million Dutch used Linkedin on a monthly basis. Over 19% used mobile devices (e.g. smartphones or tablets) for this purpose. These 6 million users visit Linkedin on average 2 times a month. The ratio of men to women is 51% vs. 49%. Yet 68% of the visitors who visit Linkedin monthly are male. (Source: Recruitingroundtable).

Facebook with a good 2nd place is often a source to worry about even more, have you shielded your profile? Or can everyone know how you looked on the beach in Italy? This can have huge consequences for your potential customers!

Twitter is not something you have to worry about much, most people create an account name that looks nothing like their real name. But what if you do actively use your business Twitter account to support, acquire customers and seek new entrances? Your profile picture is hugely important for recognition so clients immediately know they are mentioning the right Twitter account in a comment.

Google + is actually nobody, yet it scores high in search results, how would that be? So your photo on Google+ is also one to select carefully.

Are you shocked by the search results? Great!
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