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Getting off to a flying start? Start off well!

Have you just decided to start as a self-employed person? Has your hobby become your work and is it now really time to start for yourself?

We can only give you one tip, start well! Your online identity is largely determined by images. Research has shown that images communicate better than text alone. Especially in ads, color images with people and logos are viewed much better.

Some conclusions from the Advertising Response Research:

“All layout features appear to be important to the success of a newspaper ad: size, color, a dominant image, the use of illustrations or photographs, and the use of a brand logo contribute to the reach, performance, and ratings of the ads. Size and color use are related (ads with color tend to be larger as well) which raises the question of which of the two is now particularly responsible for the effects. A closer analysis shows that color use matters, but that size has even more important effects. Full color ads do better than ads with one or two colors and those in turn do better than black and white ads.”

“Ads that show a logo are viewed better than ads without a logo. In addition, the products and brands being advertised in the ad are much better recognized when the logo is visible.”

“An ad is more likely to be viewed when an illustration is added than when the illustration is missing. Also, the brand or product is more likely to be recognized when there is an ad with illustration. When looking at the ratio of image vs. text it can be said that advertisements with an equal distribution of image vs. text clearly score better than an advertisement with a predominance of text.”

“Furthermore, it is advisable to depict a person in newspaper ads because it contributes to reach and appreciation.”

Source: http://www.cebuco.nl/cms/data/images/17/Kracht%20van%20Adverteren_CN.pdf